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Our most important products are swivels, swivel lines, ropes, snood lines, snoods with hooks, and etc. All the products are tested by the breaking strength tester, and the qualities are proved by our customers.


When our clients need special fishing tools, and goods to be developed, we are always there to serve them. If you have any questions, and problems in fishery thing, feel free to ask us.


OEM products can be possible on your requests, too.


Thanks a lot.



Robert Sim, is the president of SamKyung Fishing Tackle, who is specialized in engineering. As he has excellent experiences and knowledge in fishing gears over 24 years, all the new inventions are made by him at Sam Kyung Fishing Tackle. Many of his innovative products actually brought the sensation to the market. SamKyung Fishing Tackle has the plan to provide all fishing gears in total and guarantee excellent services. So if you have any inquiries for the new products, Robert will do his best to make your ideas to the real products. 

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